Regulatory Practice and Licensing Boards

Group of medical doctors over blue health care backgroundThe practice of medicine is highly regulated with licensure and enforcement for allopathic physicians through the Florida Board of Medicine and for osteopathic physicians through the Florida Board of Osteopathic Medicine.  The process of complying with the Statutes and Regulations governing medical practice and defending any complaints often requires the assistance of a qualified attorney.

Complaints against a physician can be initiated by any individual.  Most often it is a disgruntled patient or family member, a former employee or partner or even an attorney on behalf of an affected client.  A written response to a complaint prior to a referral to a Probable Cause Panel is essential.  It is important to understand the alleged breach, the standard of care/practice and the possible sanctions that could be imposed.  An experienced attorney will work with you on an appropriate written or oral response.

The process from the initial complaint to resolution may take many months or longer.  This is a very unsettling time for the physician and requires experienced counsel to minimize the impact on the physician.  I have many years of experience defending physicians achieving favorable outcomes on their behalf.

With over 30 years of legal experience representing physicians, I understand the significance of resolving these cases quickly and effectively.  For more information about the legal services that I offer, please contact Jay Ziskind at 305-753-5990.