Physician Representation

bigstock-stethoscope-and-calculator-ph-46440769Physician Representation

There are many situations that require Physicians to seek representation by an attorney. Some of these situations include representation for:

  • employment agreements
  • contracts
  • disputes
  • hospital medical staff issues
  • licensing issues
  • credentialing issues

In addition to settling disputes, Physicians may seek the assistance of an attorney to create business relationships with other Physicians, Hospitals or Physician Groups.

Advice and counsel by a skilled attorney may facilitate the handling of the many fraud and abuse laws including Anti-Kickback, False Claims Act and Stark Laws.

An attorney should be retained to advise and counsel the Physician with the various legal documents required when forming a Medical Practice, negotiating with Hospitals, exclusive provider agreements, independent contractor agreements, joint venture agreements, buying or selling other practices or groups, selling their practice to a Hospital or agreements with insurers or health care companies.

With over 30 years of legal practice representing hundreds of physicians, I understand the significance of resolving cases quickly and effectively.   For more information about the legal services that I offer, please contact Jay Ziskind at 305-753-5990