Physician Independent Contractor Agreements

There are many types of physician employment arrangements with each arrangement providing unique issues for negotiation and consideration. A physician employment contract is used to define the responsibilities and benefits associated with a particular appointment or position and offer both the physician and the employer the opportunity to clarify expectations and promises.

A physician employment contract can affect one’s career beyond the term of employment with that particular employer. A poorly written contract that for example contains unreasonable, restrictive covenants such as non-compete agreements, can restrict a doctor’s ability to move on from a situation that does not suit him. A well constructed contract can provide many protections that will allow for a positive worker environment while ensuring a seamless way to change situations if the conditions require such.

Each sub-specialty may have the same general provisions, but there may also be specific requirements for each physician. We work to understand each physician’s expectations and work to negotiate for them with the employer for the benefit of the Client. This is especially important when considering that each sub-specialty may have different gauges for measuring performance when considering how compensation is to be determined.

Most importantly physician contracts must meet contain certain state and federal regulations, statutes and safe harbors. A well-drafted agreement is essential not only for the parties but also in case of an audit or other third party inquiry.

With over 30 years of legal practice representing hundreds of physicians, I understand the significance of providing both legal and business advice regarding employment contracts.   For more information about the legal services that I offer, please contact Jay Ziskind at 305-753-5990.