Physician Contract Disputes

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Physicians may enter into a Contract with each other or with other Physician Groups. When one of the parties in the Contract does not live up to their obligations as defined in the Contract they are in breach of the Contract. Either party to the Contract may bring legal action in a lawsuit against the other party.

Other types of disputes occur when the physician enters into Contracts for services or material goods to be delivered by outside vendors. These disputes may include:

  • Product or Service delivery failure
  • Failure to meet a deadline
  • Default on an agreement such as a lease
  • Product or Service payment failure e.g. insurance company

Contract Disputes

A legal contract is necessary when a physician enters into a partnership with another physician or becomes employed by a medical group or Hospital. The Contract defines the responsibilities and duties of each party in the agreement. The Contract is the basis for the understanding of the business relationship, how each party will work together and the financial terms for compensation.

A well drafted contract may adequately define all of the aspects of the business relationship but over the course of time, situations may change and the contract may not cover or define new circumstances. This often leads to disputes between the parties to the Contract.

Disputes may include:

  • Physician responsibilities
  • Physician privileges
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Non compete issues

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