Middle aged doctor pressing modern medical type of buttonWhat are the types of disputes in the health care industry?

  • Disputes between members of physician groups
  • Disputes between physicians and employer
  • Claims against hospitals and other providers
  • Payment and reimbursement disputes

With the above cited disputes and the rising cost of medical care and malpractice insurance premiums, alternative dispute resolution in the health care industry has grown dramatically. It makes sense to employ mediation.  Mediation is far less expensive than litigation. When going to mediation, a trained neutral is instrumental in assisting the parties in settling their dispute.  The mediator person takes on the role of the facilitator.  Mediators typically are either practicing experts in the field they mediate and have been trained in mediation, or attorneys who have developed some expertise in the matters they mediate.   Mediation can be an excellent alternative for both physicians and administrative bodies. The mediator will assist in negotiating a  compromise that suits all parties involved and can save time, money and frustration.

With over 30 years of legal practice representing hundreds of physicians,  I understand the significance of resolving cases quickly and effectively.   For more information about the mediation services that I offer, please contact Jay Ziskind at 305-753-5990